Route and Registration OffRoad 2017

Pemberton – Tree Top Walk
Saturday 30 September to Tuesday 3 October

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Day 1  Saturday 30 September

Perth – Pemberton – Northcliffe 44 km (footballers 7 km)

Assemble at Kelmscott Plaza 7.00am Departure 7.30am

Lunch in Pemberton OR watch the Grand Final and ride later

Start with a loop around the skills trail at the MTB park. Experience the fantastic switch back down from Gloucester Tree. Feeling energetic? Head back up Burma Rd and do it again.  The trail follows old logging roads through some very scenic forest, one of the best spots is the old timber River Road bridge. The last 10 km into Northcliffe opens up into farming country.

On reaching Northcliffe, find a coffee shop or head out to the MTB trail at the Aroundtu-it Eco Caravan Park. Overnight stop is at the Recreation Centre where you can sleep inside or outside.

Day 2  Sunday 1 October

Northcliffe – Fernhook Falls 70 km (65 via short cut)

Today’s ride will take us through areas devastated by the Northcliffe fires in Feb 2015 but you will see the remarkable regeneration that has occurred in two years.

Morning Tea at Boorara Tree, formerly one of the lookout trees. Optional side trip for stronger riders to Lane Pool Falls. Lunch will be near Shannon River crossing. Check out the Yirra Kartta hut. Watch for the air strip near the South West Hwy crossing. If you have a need for speed take a blast down the strip. Explore Fernhook Falls & Rowell’s Pool after setting up camp. This is a DPaW campsite.

Day 3 Monday 2 October

Fernhook Falls – Walpole 58 km (53 via short cut)

The first section is flat and sandy before a switchback returns us to the forest. Stronger riders can take a detour to Mt Frankland and enjoy the spectacular views. At Kworkralup Beela hut take a walk down to the Frankland River.  Lunch will be at Swarbrick, take time to view the sculptures and the “Wilderness Wall of Perception” before the final leg into Walpole. Set up camp at the Recreation Centre (inside or outside) and head into town to find the coffee shops.

If the weather is favourable join us on a night ride around the Horse Yard Trail and maybe a little further, bring your lights.

Day 4  Tuesday 3 October

Tree Top Walk – Walpole – Perth 30 km

We start with a short coach ride to the Tree Top Walk entrance, but we will save that experience for next year. Today’s ride will take us among the giant Tingle and Karri trees and follow the beautiful Frankland River. Take a short break at Sappers Bridge and the peaceful Monastery Landing. You will want to linger but we have a coach to catch. The stronger riders can view the Nornalup & Walpole inlets while riding around the Knoll. Have lunch and a shower before boarding the coach for Perth.


General Event Details:

Our maximum number of riders is 70. Daily distances vary according to bus travel, campsite availability, difficulty of terrain, available detours, etc but may be up to about 75km. Riders can choose, according to their fitness and skills, from groups of differing speed, group 1 being the fastest and strongest riders who may ride extra distance.

Overnight stops are in bush camps or on the fringes of towns. You can sleep in a tent or a swag.

Food is plentiful and we cater for your dietary requirements. Support vehicles meet us at various checkpoints. Morning teas and lunches are provided along the way by our catering team, who also supply a wholesome meal each night at the camp.

Transport is by coach to and from Kelmscott. We also supply trailers to carry your bikes and mobile toilets that meet us along the route.

The cost is $300, covering all accommodation, food and transport. Registrations open via Register Now on May 1 each year. The events are now held over four days to allow for increasing travel time to and from the event.

Please note there is a minimum $200 fundraising requirement. While trying to offer a fun ride and a challenge to all abilities, we also see fundraising as a major component of the ride and hope that you will do your best to contribute. Chocolate sales, collection tins, sausage sizzles, afternoon teas, quiz nights, Everyday Hero online fundraising option, casual dress days at work…..are all possibilities. See the fundraising page.

Note: the 2018  event is from the Tree Top Walk to Albany