Information OnRoad 2019


Until a new 2020 Information Sheet is posted, you can gain most information about the event from the 2019 sheet in the link below.

Information Sheet OnRoad 2019 Feb 7

The distances below supersede the table in the information sheet.

Distances for each group



2019 saw the inception of a SPIRIT OF THE RIDE Award, initiated by Marty Seward, who has made a perpetual trophy. This was awarded at Busselton to Peter Thomas. A judging panel will take input from participants during the event to decide the recipient.

Everyone is asked to write their suggestions. Pens, paper and a box will be available at each stop.

The recipient could be any of rider, support or catering crew. The criteria for judging will be:

  • Courage and determination – eg overcoming personal difficulties
  • Support of others – eg encouragement, humour, selflessness
  • Positive, enthusiastic attitude – to all participants
  • Inclusion of all
  • “Above and beyond” behaviour

There will be many people who display these attributes, so we rely upon your input to help the judges.


Each year there are 3 familiarisation rides in January/February.

Details will be posted in December.