John White (first OffRoad)

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and heard the same from all I spoke  to.
The organization and logistics were very impressive. I am awed by the selfless contributions of so much of your time from you and the committee, the TLCC crew, caterers and others.
Congratulations on a very successful event and fundraiser!!


Anke Goldschmidt (2 OffRoad)

A big THANK YOU to every single support worker who made this fantastic weekend possible. Without you this wouldn’t happen and all of us riders would miss out on such a great ride and amazing countryside.


Lisa Dobrin (7 OnRoad)

Lisa and Michael Kilimajaro 2“I never wanted to do it; ride 300km to Busselton on a bike after not riding for about 20 years, but I did it anyway and my life changed as a result.  I met Jenny and the OnRoad Life Cycle crew and found a family I wanted to grow older with.  They taught me how to ride alone and in a peloton.  They taught me the meaning of team and most importantly, how to appreciate and value life more than before through the example of those riding for CanTeen.  I have never looked back and seven years later, I continue to commit to the cause of supporting young people living with cancer.  Today, I marshal the two slowest groups and try and give back a little of the significant amount given to me.  My sister emigrated from the UK and has ridden with me every year since.  A friend I met through Life Cycle climbed Kilimanjaro with me, in the name of charity, and my girlfriend and I just ran all 42.2km of the Moscow marathon – all in the name of raising money and awareness for CanTeen.  My mom and three grandparents passed away before I was nine years old.  I wish I had CanTeen to help me through it.  Today, I dedicate my time, money and skills to ensure others get that very wish.  Get involved. Trust me. you won’t regret it.”

Terry Dowling (18 OnRoad and 6 OffRoad)

“Cycling has long been a passion of mine and I’ve often been able to use it to help others while I enjoy the riding. Life Cycle for CanTeen has been a huge part of my life since 1998. I enjoy the rides, the challenges and being able to help young people living with cancer. Being on the committee is also a great experience. Planning the events can be a challenge at times, but the community groups we deal with, such at Lions and Toyota Land Cruiser Club, are always so keen to help such a good cause, make organising so much easier. These events tend to bring out the best in people. The more recent OffRoad events are even more special to me, as they combine the cycling challenge with amazingly beautiful scenery. Across both events, I’ve met some wonderful people who have become great friends.”


Nicole Aramini (8 OnRoad and 6 OffRoad)

“Death Road in Bolivia inspired me to buy an OffRoad bike when I came home. The second Life Cycle OffRoad was coming up so I signed up and had a great time riding with new people at a pace that works for me. Actually, I pride myself on being the slowest rider in the slowest group… I really like riding the Munda Biddi Trail in manageable sections with crew who cater and organise everything so all I need to do is ease my tired bottom onto the bike seat for a few days.

I rode in the first three Life Cycle OnRoad events as a teenager and then went away travelling and got involved in other experiences. I came back to Life Cycle years later as a crew member so I can participate without trying to do big kms that I haven’t trained for! I get a great sense of fulfilment participating as a crew member because I can spend time with the riders and CanTeen members to hear their stories and find out what inspires them to support CanTeen. It’s most exciting for me seeing young people join in because it reminds me of those eager original teenagers.

Life Cycle is my favourite charity event because ALL the proceeds go to CanTeen. If someone asks me to donate money, my first question is always what the admin fees are and how much of the money raised is actually available for the recipients to utilise. I’m really proud that every dollar I’ve ever raised for CanTeen goes to programs for the members and it’s so easy to passively raise money throughout the year when I know I’m booked for the next Life Cycle.”



Brett Buchel (crew for 2 OffRoad and rider 4 OnRoad)Brett and Sue


“It was an absolute pleasure; looking forward to riding the OnRoad, and supporting the OffRoad (maybe riding one day) long into the future.”




Louise Bond (after her first OffRoad, now 3 OffRoad and 2 OnRoad)

“Thank you to everyone for a great weekend.

A lot of effort behind the scenes to co-ordinate this great event – much appreciated.

It was a great opportunity for me to challenge myself in a new activity – I enjoyed it totally.”






Sandy Carlton (1 OnRoad and 2 OffRoad)

“I want to say massive congratulations and thank you to one and all for a fabulous three days on the Munda Biddi Trail; an amazing group of people to ride with and the volunteers I take my hat off to them, they all deserve a medal along with yourself and the committee.

Thoroughly enjoyed my time and will be back next year. I have meet some amazing people which I’ll will stay in touch with.”

Mitchell Knight-Gill (first OffRoad)

“I just want to thank everyone for making my son Mitchell feel a part of the team for this event. He really did enjoy his time out there. Every one did a wonderful job including all the crew that makes it possible to hold these events. You should be seeing Mitchell again next year.”

Jenny Aramini (18 OnRoad and 6 OffRoad)

“Why have I co-ordinated Life Cycle for CanTeen ever since 1998?

At the start it was a new and novel experience and a challenge. Riders and crew love the event and many of them have been inspired to continue riding throughout the year and to increase their fundraising total the next year. I have made and kept many new friends and eventually bought a bike and rode too.

As the fundraising aspect grew in importance, it was gratifying to see the total donation to CanTeen rise each year. When CanTeen members and staff began to participate in the OnRoad and then I became a volunteer at CanTeen, I really learned how much CanTeen offers to its members and how valuable they find its many facets. This spurs me to keep trying to raise the bar in terms of what we offer riders and how much we can donate each year.”