Fundraising Ideas

Here are ways you can raise funds in your local community

Although Life Cycle for CanTeen began as a personal challenge for the riders, as the event has grown and we have learnt more about the wonderful services and support that CanTeen offers its members, there has been an increasing focus upon encouraging participants to fundraise and each year we try to better the previous year’s donation to CanTeen.

There are many ways to fundraise. Here are some suggestions, all of which have been tried successfully.

1.  Print the sponsor sheet from the relevant OnRoad or OffRoad tab and ask people face-to-face to sponsor you.

2.  Set up a Raise It page and email all your friends and acquaintances. Look at the relevant OnRoad or OffRoad tab.

3.  Sell Cadburys fundraiser chocolates at home, school or work. These are available from throughout the year.

4.  Run a garage sale – get your friends to help collect items

5.  Run a quiz night

6.  Approach Bunnings or Woolworths to run a sausage sizzle

7.  Organise a raffle

8.  Do you know where you could place an official CanTeen collection tin on a shop counter? Email if you would like tins

9.  Buy a big bag of jellybeans and have a “guess the number of jellybean” competition

10.  Approach your workplace or school to see if they will dedicate a casual dress day to our cause

11. Click here for a list of more fundraising ideas

12. Check out CanTeen’s Fundraising Guide for more ideas.