Fundraising opportunities now available

Grand Cinemas and Cygnet new release movie night

 Warwick, Whitfords, Joondalup, Armadale, Currambine, Cygnet
  • Choose a movie from this year’s long list of new releases (now available from Jenny)
  • Sell 20 (or more) tickets

The price to us is $10 per ticket for first week of release or $8.50 for the second week. We can then charge what we like (usually between $15 and $20)

Tickets are printed by Grand Cinemas

  • You can include a raffle and/or food and drinks (conditions apply)
  • You can arrange ticket plus Choc Bomb (for example) package price if you wish.

If you form a small fundraising group, you should easily reach the 20 minimum and there is little work to do.

If you are interested, contact Jenny.