Bike servicing before the event

We are always striving for better, safer rides. In the past we have had some issues with ensuring that bikes are in the right condition for a ride of this scale. An unsafe bike that has not been serviced has no place in this event, therefore we are providing you with some options.

Each year we have Barry assisting with the OnRoad ride to provide spares and keep bums on saddles. On a few occasions, he has discovered bikes that haven’t been serviced for years and are lucky to still be functioning. He isn’t there to service your bike, rather fix an unexpected issue should it arise.  We also understand that many of you may in fact service your own bike, and no discredit to anyone doing this, but on some occasions, it’s not doing the job that is the tricky bit, but identifying possible issues.

We have organised two service locations, these shops will have a check list to run through with you. This means the quote will be done free of charge and generally on the spot with no fuss. If the bike is up to scratch you will be on your way. If something needs to be addressed, either leave it with the store where you will receive a special Life Cycle member-only offer, or you are welcome to take it to your preferred store. The intention is not to drive business into certain shops, rather to ensure everyone is safe and happy on the road.

The two service locations will be Barry and Giant Cannington (Leigh or Eugene).

Please allow sufficient time to get your bike looked at, just in case there is a lead time on servicing or parts. While we are not enforcing this, we are reacting to previous rides and trying to provide the easiest solution.

In the future, any issues that may arise on the rides that could easily be avoided with proper maintenance will be charged at standard labour rates to you and be given as a charity donation back to CanTeen. So please, do the right thing for everyone. Neither will Barry change punctured tyres and tubes. There will be someone else with him to assist if you can’t find help elsewhere.

The committee.